The Science of Medicines
5th - 7th September 2017
De Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts

Wednesday 6th September
 Poster set up
 Science Café: Are devices and compliance aids a waste of time for adherence?
0915  GSK Innovative Science Award Lecture: Don't play what's there; play what's not there: Innovating within the Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Speaker: David Jones, Queen's University Belfast
 Award presented by: Jo Craig, VP Scientific & Technical Operations, Platform Technology & Science (PTS), GSK
1000  Poster session 3 with authors present and Exhibition (refreshments available)
1045  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 2.11 - Drug Delivery: Innovation through Cooperation
(United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS))
Andrew Parker, Juniper Pharma and
Laura Mason, Upperton
SPaeDD-UK: Smart Paediatric Drug Development – UK. Accelerating paediatric formulation development – an open innovation R&D project
Speaker: Dr Alastair Coupe, Pfizer
Predicting performance in paediatric populations with PBPK modelling and biorelevant in vitro data
Dr Jonathan Brown, BMS and
Dr Nikoletta Fotaki, University of Bath
Round table: The opportunities and challenges of inter-industry and industry-academia collaborations
Session 2.21 - Students of the APS - How to make yourself more employable
(APS New Scientists Focus Group)
Chair: Laura Waters, University of Huddersfield
Presentation 1
Speaker: Bruce Alexander, University of Greenwich
Session 2.31 - Clinical perspectives to drive formulation innovation
(APS Skin Focus Group)
Chair: Matthew Traynor, University of Hertfordshire
Considerations and challenges in clinical testing of microneedle devices and formulations
Speaker: James Birchall, Cardiff University
Unintended consequences: how clinical usage of topical medicines can impact on drug delivery
Speaker: Liam McAuley, University of Hertfordshire
Developing new products – what is important to clinicians?
Speaker: Julia Schofield, University of Hertfordshire
1215  Lunch, Posters and Exhibition
 Plenary Lecture: 'The new regulations concerning fast track/expedited approval for new products and what that means for companies in practice'
 Speaker: Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
1430  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 2.12 - Crossing the disciplinary divide for improved healthcare
(United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS))
Katie Ryan, University College Cork and
Maria Marlow, University of Nottingham
Neurosurgical application of a polymeric paste for chemotherapeutic delivery in the treatment of malignant glioma
Speaker: Ruman Rahman, University of Nottingham
Targeted nanomedicines for cancer therapy
Speaker: Christine Dufes, University of Strathclyde
Nanosafety research contributing to nanodrug safety
Speaker: Albert Duschl, University of Salzburg
Session 2.22 - Short Presentations from submitted abstracts
Chair: Ross MacRae, Pfizer
The Utilisation Of Thermal Methods For The Screening Of Three Component Co-amorphous Systems
Speaker: Alessandra D’Angelo, University of Greenwich
Topical nanoparticle-facilitated delivery of insulin and its effect on keratinocyte and fibroblast function
Speaker: Ahmed Faheem, University of Sunderland
Enabling an Accelerated Development Path for Chlorhexidine Digluconate Gel 7.1% w/w for the Prevention of Omphalitis
Speaker: Lee Immins, GSK
Cocrystal and coamorphous solid forms of ketoconazole with dicarboxylic acids prepared through mechanochemistry
Speaker: Maria Malamatari, University of Greenwich
Lipophilic Prodrugs Approach for Targeting Bexarotene to the Intestinal Lymphatic System
Speaker: Jong Lee, University of Nottingham
Understanding the Integrity of Coating for Taste-Masked Granules - Before and After Tablet Compression
Speaker: Manish Ghimire, Colorcon
Session 2.32 - Thinking Small, Delivering Big: Materials science of biotherapeutic molecules
(APS Material Science Focus Group)
Chair: Rachel Knott, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Formulation of biomacromolecules: amphiphilic and polyelectrolyte oral delivery systems
Speaker: Colin Thompson, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Development of protease-activated prodrugs for the treatment of cancer
Speaker: Jason Gill, University of Newcastle
Physical Properties and Formulation Stability
Speaker: Jason Gray, Pharmaterials Ltd
1600  Poster session 4 with authors present and Exhibition (refreshments available)
1630  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 2.13 - Multiple drug oral systems: Regulatory, Development and Manufacturing Considerations
(APS Process Engineering & Product Formulation Focus Group)
Chair: Kendal Pitt, GlaxoSmithKline
Regulatory requirements: Bioequivalance and stability
Speaker: Glen Rockwell, AstraZeneca
Manufacturing options for multiple drug oral systems
Speaker: Conrad Davies, Pfizer
Mini-tablets for Paediatric and Geriatric Administration – Manufacturing Considerations and Dosage Concepts
Speaker: Michael Wilkins, Almac Group
Session 2.23 - Short Presentations from submitted abstracts
Chair: Fran Greco, University of Reading
Continuous manufacturing of cationic liposomes using microfluidics
Speaker: Giulia Anderluzzi, University of Stratchlyde
3D bioprinting of biodegradable polymeric medical implants
Speaker: Mohammed Maniruzzaman University of Sussex
3D-printed crosslinked chitosan - genipin film scaffolds for wound healing applications
Speaker: Forough Hafezi, University of Greenwich
Applied Particle Engineering - Improving Drug Product Flow & Processing by Roller Compaction
Speaker: Matt Bunker, AZ
3D Printing of Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Release
Speaker: Pamela Robles Martinez, UCL
Physicochemical characterisation of biosynthetic bacterial cellulose as a potential wound dressing material
Speaker: Abhishek Gupta, University of Wolverhampton
Session 2.33 - Co-crystals:Prediction and Production
(APS Material Science Focus Group)
Chairs: Mridul Majumder, M2M Pharma
Knowledge-based models for solid forms: what can we expect
Speaker: Laszlo Fabian, University of East Anglia
Application of Combined Virtual/Experimental Approaches to Cocrystal Screening
Speaker: Rafel Prohens, CIRCE
Engineering and continuous manufacturing of cocrystals and pharmaceutical products
Speaker: Mohammed Maniruzzaman, University of Sussex
 Exhibition Hall - Awards and networking
1900  Drinks reception at University of Hertfordshire Science Centre