The Science of Medicines
5th - 7th September 2017
De Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Herts

Tuesday 5th September
 Registration and poster setup
0900  Introduction and welcome
 Speaker: Linda Hakes, Chair of the APS
0915  Conference Science Chair Plenary Lecture: 'Gut instincts: explorations in intestinal physiology and drug delivery'
 Speaker: Abdul Basit, University College London
1000  Poster session 1 with authors present and Exhibition (refreshments available)
1045  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 1.11 - The Geoffrey Phillips Analytical Science Award
(Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (JPAG))
Chair: David Elder, CMC Consultant
A lean discriminative 2-stage dissolution method for early phase enteric coated formulations
Speaker: Martine Furdal, Patheon Ltd
Chemical evaluation of internet products containing Novel Psychoactive Substances by ICP-OES coupled to chemometrics to investigate supply/distribution chains
Speaker: Jesus Calvo Castro, University of Hertfordshire
The development of analytical procedures using ICP-OES and ICP-MS for the analysis of trace metals in pharmaceutical formulations
Speaker: Samar Thiab, Liverpool John Moores University
Solid-Phase MicroExtraction (SPME) Detection of Drugs In Tissues and Organs: In vitro method development formulations
Speaker: Dan Barker, University of Hertfordshire
Stability of Meropenem after Reconstitution for Administration by Continuous Infusion
Speaker: Sarah Fawaz, Kingston University
Micro-photogrammetry as a tool for characterisation of dissolution behaviour of pharmaceutical dosage forms
Speaker: Alessandra D'Angelo, University of Greenwich
Session 1.21 - Stronger Together: Collaborative Approaches to Advancing Development of Inhaled Products
(APS Inhaled Focus Group)
Jeremy Clarke, GSK and
Eddie French, TEKH Consulting Limited
SimInhale: collaborative approaches to patient-tailored inhaled medicines
Joy Conway, University of Southampton and The NIHR Southampton Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Inhaled oxytocin: working in partnership to reduce maternal mortality in resource-poor settings
Speaker: Richard Kaye, GSK
INFORM 2020: a co-operative approach to the understanding, control and prediction of agglomerate behaviour in inhaled dosage forms
Speaker: Darragh Murnane, University of Hertfordshire
Session 1.31 - Nanomedicines without borders
(APS Nanomedicines Focus Group)
Kathryn Hill (Astra Zeneca) and
Philipp Seib (University of Strathclyde)
Measurement challenges for PEGylated and other modified extended Half-Life Therapeutics for Haemophilia
Speaker: Elaine Gray, NIBSC
Magnetic targeting of solid tumours using nanomedicines: a refresher
Speaker: Khuloud Al-Jamal, King's College London
Can sugars modulate inflammation?
Speaker: Giuseppe Mantovani, University of Nottingham
 Lunch, Posters and Exhibition
 APS Annual General Meeting  
 Plenary Lecture: 'Engineering the next generation of drug delivery systems: are we prepared?'
 Speaker: Giovanni Pauletti, University of Cincinnati
1430 -
 Electrospinning session
 Chair: Zeeshan Ahmad, De Montfort University
1430  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 1.12 - The rise and rise of biotherapeutics
Chair: Rachel Knott, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
From Small to Tall: Differences between biotherapeutics and small molecules and their perspectives in the pharma market
Speaker: Frank Thielmann, Novartis
The ABC of biotherapeutics: Application , Biology and Challenges
Speaker: Rachel Knott, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Challenges and innovation in the design of devices for the delivery of biotherapeutics?
Speaker: Nic Bowman, Pfizer
Session 1.22 - Short Presentations from submitted abstracts
Chair: Linda Hakes, Chair of APS
Enhancement of olanzapine bioavailability via lymphatic targeting
Speaker: Howida Mohamed, Cairo University
In-Line Measurement of Powder Behaviour Using a Drag Force Flow Sensor
Speaker: Tim Freeman, Freeman Technology
Inkjet Printing Crystalline Pharmaceuticals
Speaker: Asma Buanz, UCL
Suspended Additive Layer Manufacture of Biological Structures
Speaker: Alan Smith, Univ of Huddersfield
A Study of the Slipperiness of a Developmental Immediate Release Film Coating System
Speaker: Barry Friend Colorcon
Comparing Pressurised Gyration and Electrohydrodynamic Atomisation Methods for Producing Drug-loaded Mucoadhesive fibres
Speaker: Francis Brako, UCL
Session 1.32 - Talks from recent appointments – New lecturers discuss their research and career journeys
(APS New Scientists Focus Group)
Gareth Williams, University College London and
Laxmi Kerai, University of Hertfordshire
Supramolecular pharmaceutics – understanding molecular interactions in pharmaceutical materials
Speaker: Katharina Edkins, Queen's University Belfast
Becoming a lecturer…A personal journey
Speaker: Bahijja Raimi-Abraham, King’s College London
Towards the industrial production of microneedle arrays. Advances in quality control testing and manufacturing
Speaker: Eneko Larrañeta, Queen’s University Belfast
1600  Poster session 2 with authors present and Exhibition (refreshments available)
1630  Choice of Parallel Sessions
Session 1.13 - Challenges and triumphs: The analysis of biomolecules
(Joint Pharmaceutical Analysis Group (JPAG))
Chair: David Elder, CMC Consultant
Regulatory Requirements for Biotherapeutics (ICH Q5E)
Speaker: Veronaka Ganeva, MHRA
Analytical Strategies for Comparability in Bioprocess development
Speaker: Crina Balog, J&J Biologicals, The Netherlands
Physicochemical and Functional Comparability between Innovator and Biosimilar
Speaker: David Elder, CMC Consultant
Session 1.23 - Short Presentations from submitted abstracts
Chair: Matthew Traynor, University of Hertfordshire
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to compare the hydrodynamics found in a human stomach model and the United States Pharmacopoeia Paddle Dissolution Apparatus II
Speaker: Matthew Hopgood, AZ
Exploration of griseofulvin solvate based solid dispersions to enhance aqueous solubility
Speaker: Mridul Majumder, M2M Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Co-processed excipients for Dispersible Tablets – Manufacturability and Patient Acceptability
Speaker: Karolina Dziemidowicz, UCL
New Impedance Based Methodologies to Determine the Vial Heat Transfer Coefficient and the Endpoint of Primary Drying
Speaker: Bhaskar Pandya, De Montfort University
Aspirin loaded xerogels for buccal and oral GIT delivery for patients with dysphagia to target deep vein thrombosis
Speaker: Smirna Farias, University of Greenwich
Design rationalisation of FDM 3D printed polypills
Speaker: Salman Rahman, University of East Anglia
Session 1.33 - Emerging Structure Enabling Platforms and Therapies For Future Medicines
(EPSRC Network on Electrohydrodynamic Atomization technologies(EHDA))
Zeeshan Ahmad, De Montfort University and
Ian Blagbrough
, University of Bath
Thermoresponsive materials for mammalian cell culture: a journey into the third dimension
Speaker: Felicity Rose, University of Nottingham
Human platelet lysate as a bioactive coating for electrospun vascular scaffolds
Speaker: Paul De Bank, University of Bath
Electrohydrodynamic Atomisation Technologies and the UK Network
Speaker: Zeeshan Ahmad, University of Bath
 Exhibition Hall - Awards, networking and drinks
2000  APS Black Tie Dinner at Knebworth Barns